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Sensis 3000mah 3,1ml Special modeller
Sensis 3000mah 3,1ml Special modeller Sensis 3000mah 3,1ml Special modeller Sensis 3000mah 3,1ml Special modeller
Tillverkare: Innokin
Modellnummer: SEN3
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 595.00SEK
Pris med tillval x Antal: 595.00SEK

Exkl. moms: 476.00SEK

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The Fourth-gen Vape Tech Inside

With fourth-gen vape tech inside, the Innokin Sensis features an upgrade in technology that extends coil life and boosts flavors for an unrivalled experience. The hidden "Find F" mode is the new generation of vape technology which produces a waveform output at the selected frequency. Creating and harnessing a new form of thermodynamic heating for vaping devices as the first of its kind, Find F not only extends coil longevity but also delivers more flavours over time.

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Sensis använder alla coil för Sceptre men Sceptre S-Coil 0.25Ω, 25-35W är speciellt avsedd för Sensis.


  • Specification

    Product name Sensis
    Tank capacity 3.1ml / 2.0ml
    Coil material KAL + Seaweed fibre cotton
    How to fill Bottom filling
    Wattage range 6-40W
    Voltage range 1-7.5V
    Cut off time 3-18s
    Max. output current 20A
    Resistance range 0.2Ω-3.5Ω
    Body material Zinc alloy
    Charging current 5V 1.7A
    Coil compatibility Sceptre Coils
    Device dimensions Without pod:93.5x39.51x30.0mm
    With pod:120.35x39.51x30.0mm
    Battery Internal 3.7V,3000mAh/11.1Wh
    Coil Sceptre S-Coil 0.25Ω, 25-35W (New)
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